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Vision based Emotion AI

题目Vision based Emotion AI

主讲:Guoying Zhao教授

时间:615 15:00-16:00



    Guoying Zhao教授简介

Guoying Zhao is IEEE Fellow, IAPR (the International Association for Pattern Recognition) Fellow, and Asia-Pacific Artificial Intelligence Association (AAIA) Senior Member. She is currently an Academy Professor (from Sep. 2021) and (tenured) Full Professor (from 2017) with the Center for Machine Vision and Signal Analysis, University of Oulu, Finland, where she has been a senior researcher (2005-2007) and an Associate Professor (2014-2017). She is Co-Program chair of ICMI 2021 and Special Sessions/Panels chair for FG 2023. She was general chair for ICBEA (2019, 2020), Co-Chair for Late Breaking Results of ICMI 2019, and co-publicity chair for FG 2018. She has served as AE for PR, TCSVT and IVC journals and authored/edited three books and nine special issues in journals. Dr. Zhao was a co-chair for many international workshops at ICCV, CVPR, ECCV, ACCV and BMVC. Her students and researchers are frequent recipients of very prestigious and competitive fellowships, such as the Academy of Finland Postdoc position, the Nokia Scholarship, Endeavour Research Fellowship. Her research has been reported by Finnish TV programs, newspapers and MIT Technology Review.


Emotions play a key role in human-human interactions and become one key focus in future Artificial Intelligence. There is a growing need to develop emotionally intelligent interfaces, which are able to read the emotions of the users and adapt their operations accordingly. Among the areas of application are human-robot interaction, emotional chatpots, health and medicine, on-line learning, user or customer analysis, and security and safety. Face analysis based on computer vision will play a key role in developing such interfaces. This talk will provide an introduction to the emotional interfaces, and overviews our recent progress in related research. The research topics to be covered include facial expression recognition, analysis of micro-expressions, emotional gestures, remote heart rate measurement from videos and potential applications. Finally, some future challenges are outlined.

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